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Gutter Guard Olinda

CPR Gutter Protection provides gutter guard and leaf guard services in the eastern suburb of Olinda. Do you love living in Olinda but are tired of gutter cleaning? Our gutter guards are the perfect solution for your roof.

CPR Gutter guards are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum and have a 25 years warranty on their products. The products are 100% Australian manufactured and the gutter guard installation is completed by taking all the important factors into consideration. Our professional team always considers the geographic location of your household to ensure that the gutter guard is robust and durable for your local weather and the gutter guards are designed to accommodate all types of roofs in Victorian households.

CPR Gutter Protection comprises of experienced professional installers who are highly equipped with safety equipment and are also fully insured. Our specialization lies in gutter protection products which include a variety of gutter guard such as gutter screens, gutter guard mesh, fine mesh gutter guard, metal gutter protection and gutter helmets. Along with this, CPR Gutter Protection offers roof restoration to give your roof a new look!

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  1. 20 Years Warranty
  2. 20 Years Experience
  3. 100% Australian Made

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